Questions frequently asked & answered.


How do I sign-up my child?
The director will give you an application form after you meet with her and tour the school. Seeing the school’s programs in action is a great way to make sure that WCNS is a good fit for your child and your family. Just call the school at 508-653-0958 to arrange a meeting.

How is student drop-off and pickup handled?
In the morning, WCNS students may be dropped off at the front door of the school where teachers will be waiting to greet them and help them out of your vehicle and into their classroom. This process has proven beneficial to students and parents/caretakers alike. Students seem to experience less separation anxiety when walked into their classroom by a teacher. Parents often tell us that the ability to drop off their children without exiting the car is extremely helpful, particularly with younger siblings and in inclement weather. If you feel that bringing your child into his or her classroom is the best situation for you and/or your child, you are always welcome to park in the rear lot and come into the school.

After-school pickups are handled similarly, with teachers bringing children from the school to the vehicles of their parents/caretakers.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained?
We always recommend that children entering WCNS be toilet-trained, but is not mandatory. Teachers of the Junior program will help children with toileting. They find that the example set by classmates is sometimes a positive influence in the process.

Tell me about your play spaces.
Indoors in the former barn building children play in various activity rooms and spacious areas separated by dividers. Each area is furnished with tables of assorted shapes and sizes promoting large and small group and independent play. Lofts offer cozy platforms for enjoying quiet moments with stories and pictures.

Outdoors children move freely among swings, slides, tricycles and riding toys, sand boxes, playhouses, lofts, climbers, and a gazebo. The play yard offers numerous opportunities for vigorous physical activity and challenges that nurture gains in self-confidence.

A child’s freedom to choose among various activities allows the child to move freely from one play area to another and also offers them the freedom to play alone or with others.

I have an infant/toddler. Do I need to get on a wait-list now?
There is not currently a waiting list for admission at WCNS. Siblings of current and past students are given priority, but as of now there are still spots open for the coming school year.

Is WCNS nut-free?
While the school is not entirely nut-free, steps are taken to keep all children safe and healthy. The school provides a healthy snack each day to all the students.

Wellesley Cooperative Nursery School staff and teachers are very sensitive to the food allergies that affect many children. Please feel free to discuss any specific issues with our director.

Is financial assistance available to help with tuition?
Scholarships are available to families who can demonstrate need for tuition assistance. Both full and partial scholarships are awarded based on availability of scholarship funds in a given year and on a first come first serve basis. 

Will I be required to work at the school?
WCNS is no longer a true cooperative. Parents are not required to fulfill work obligations at the school. We do strongly encourage parents to participate in their child's class in whatever way they are comfortable. Parents often come in to read favorite stories, bring in snacks to celebrate a birthday, or share a tradition or talent. All parent participation is voluntary and deeply appreciated by teachers and students alike!

Is there frequent communication between parents and teachers?
We believe that communication between parents and teachers is vital for the development of the child. Regular communication takes the form of monthly newsletters detailing the projects and themes being worked on that month, including lyrics to songs being sung, special activities, and any details regarding the school day or school schedule. You can also expect to see occasional “What I Did Today” notes attached to your child’s bag giving information of a particular accomplishment, a new friend, or a special event. In addition, parent-teacher conferences are held for each student in the February time frame. Teachers are always available to talk to parents about any concerns they might have and will contact parents if they notice any issues.

How old is the barn?
In 1947 the school was relocated to its present site, then called Shaw Gymnasium, through the efforts of Mrs. Galvani and Mr. Daniel Sargent, a trustee of the building. Having begun as a true cooperative in 1945 by a group of enthusiastic mothers in part of what is now the Sprague Elementary School in Wellesley, the school relocated in 1947 to its current location and what was then known as Shaw's Barn, a community center remembered for family activities such as square dancing and tumbling.